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Effective Pool Care Products in Clarkston, Michigan!

Pool & Spa Care Products | Hot Tub Supplies & More by Poolmark & Spas - Lab4Pool care is extremely important in maintaining and extending the life of your pool.

Whether your pool is frequently used or not – you need to clean it thoroughly and regularly. We carry the very best pool care products and brands that will keep your pool looking like new. Our brands include ProTeam, BioGuard, Natural Chemistry, and Salt Support. Give us a call today to get your hands on any of these products: (248) 625-0729

Ask About Our Water Testing Lab!

We offer FREE water analysis to test your water in our State-of-the-Art Lab and ensure that your water is properly balanced. If we do find an issue with your water quality, we'll take care of it so you can get back to enjoying your pool and/or spa! 

Water Lab closes 15 minutes before store closes.

Hot Tub Covers

Since Poolmart & Spas is an Authorized Core Cover Dealer, our replacement spa covers are built by a manufacturer with well over 30 years of service in the industry. All covers include a full-length heat seal gasket - which saves heat, prevents moisture loss, and has a three-year non-prorated warranty against both materials and workmanship.

5 Reasons to Choose Core Covers:

  1. UL Classified
  2. 3-Year Warranty
  3. Marine Grade Vinyl
  4. Vapor Lock Seal
  5. 28 Points of Internal Reinforcement

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Pool Care with ProTeam Supreme Plus

Pool & Spa Care Products | Hot Tub Supplies & More by Poolmark & Spas - IMG_0010-webWhat is ProTeam Supreme Plus and How Does it Work?

ProTeam Supreme Plus is a sodium tetraborate pentahydrate mineral.  It is pH neutral, so no need to add acid, and it softens hard water by tying up complexing calcium.  It makes all forms of algae incapable of processing carbon dioxide, which is needed for algae to live and grow.  This will save chlorine because half of the chlorine in your pool is used to kill algae. In a sense, your pool becomes its own algaecide.

ProTeam Supreme Plus will not evaporate out of your pool. It will only be lost through backwashing, splashing water out of the pool and draining the pool. Annual touch-up treatments may be necessary for the beginning of the season to reach the correct borate level, which is between 50 and 100 ppm.

Why Use ProTeam Supreme Plus?

ProTeam Supreme Plus has completed extensive testing for EPA registration in 1986 and is supported by thousands of satisfied customers - including over 200 of Poolmart & Spas' customers. This unique, patented formula significantly increases the efficiency of the pool chemicals and filtration.

A Few Things ProTeam Supreme Plus Will Do for You:

  • NO more red eyes 
  • NO skin irritation
  • Impedes algae growth
  • Better total alkalinity & pH control
  • Lower chlorine consumption
  • Lasts season to season
  • Water sparkles and is bluer
  • Gives the water a soft, silky feel
  • Works with all types of sanitizers
  • No odor
  • User-friendly
  • Reduces operating cost 35-50%
  • And more…

Not only are thousands of everyday people satisfied customers, even Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, YMCA pools, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Busch Gardens and Metamora Country Club have realized the benefits of ProTeam Supreme Plus.  Why not take advantage of ProTeam Supreme Plus today?  It will make taking care of your pool a much easier and enjoyable job!

Are your ready to make the most of your property! Contact us today more information or visit our store for a demonstration of our products! Give us a call: (248) 625-0729