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Poolmart & Spas has the best-trained team of pool and spa professionals in Michigan. We make sure our employees truly understand pools and spas. We're here to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Our caring employees make us a step above the rest!

Over the years we have tested a thousands of pools and spas and are fully equipped with a state-of-the-art water lab. Our technicians always give you thorough and accurate water analysis with service and results you can trust! At Poolmart & Spas, you don't get the runaround. All your pool and spa questions are answered in an accurate and honest manner.

Spa Repairs and Hot Tub Repairs

In addition to being a local, authorized service center for Artesian spas, D1 spas and Doughboy Pools, Poolmart & Spas repairs most makes and models of hot tubs. We recommend that your spa receives regular maintenance from one of our hot tub experts.

Recommended Maintenance for Your Hot Tub:

  • Replace filter annually
  • Replace vision cartridge every 6 months
  • Replace ozone bulb every 18-24 months
  • Change water every 6 months
  • Clean diverter valves
  • Clean & protect cover

To schedule service for your spa or hot tub, call Matt, our service technician, at (248) 625-0729.

The Experts At Poolmart & Spas Provide Affordable Spa Repair in Genesee County MI

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At Poolmart & Spas, we dedicate ourselves to developing and providing you with quality products and services. We believe in and promise to be honest in all of our business dealings. We ensure you that we will maintain the highest integrity in all relationships. We strive to be ethical, fair and do what is right when it comes to pool and spa care. Poolmart & Spas supplies quality products, and provide our customers with excellent value. We never compromise quality to improve profitability!

Poolmart & Spas experts are efficient when striving to meet the needs of our customers. We will make only commitments we can meet, be open in our communication and recognize and resolve any problems when they exist. We always are searching for better ways to accomplish our objective. We evaluate new technologies and seek improvements in our products and services, promising to always be creative when seeking out new solutions. We recognize that truly successful organizations are relationship based that incorporate teamwork between customers, employees and suppliers.

Pool care is extremely important in maintaining and extending the life of your pool. Whether your pool is frequently used or not -- you need to clean it thoroughly and regularly. We carry the very best pool care products and brands that will keep your pool looking like new. Some of our brands include ProTeam, Natural Chemistry, Omni, Salt Support and many more!

Give us a call today to get your hands on any of these products: (248) 625-0729.